About Me


Why I can you

I am native German with extensive experience studying and living abroad in countries like Venezuela, USA, and Spain. I’m a professional tourism consultant, and I have moved homes more than 20 times myself, so I know what it’s like to be alien and start a new life
– I’ve done it over and over again.

Why I  Berlin

It’s one of the most inspiring cities where I’ve lived so far. Berlin is the ever changing and never sleeping metropolis – a place where everyone can be who they want to be and find whatever they may be looking for. Interesting, creative people, great nightlife, cool niche shops, and free wi-fi everywhere.

Why I  Berlin

Let me quote philantropist Anneliese Bödecker:
The Berliners are unfriendly and inconsiderate, gruff and self-opinionated, Berlin is repulsive, loud, dirty and grey, construction works and blocked streets where you stop and go. But I feel sorry for those people who can not live here!

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