"Anika helped me a lot. Although my German level was basic, she managed to find me a first job at an Italian restaurant to earn some money, and when my German level got better, she helped me with cover letters and CVs to apply for better jobs. In hindsight she was like an angel for me, doing many things to make my life better in Germany and now in Spain as well."

The Request

I had previously worked as a relocation manager, but Antonio was my first private “case”, and not an easy one. He was quite adventurous and had previously lived in England, but he didn’t speak any German.

The Idea

I found him a job at an Italian restaurant, introduced him to my friends and culture and taught him German. Later on, I revised his application documents and prepared him for job interviews.

The Solution

Over the course of one year, I found him several jobs in the gastronomy sector until we finally managed to land a job at a 4 star hotel. When he said, he wanted to move on, I sent out his application documents to potential employers and he ended up working for a 5 star hotel in Bavaria. Antonio was able to benefit from his language skills, he now works for a German company in Spain.

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