"Within two weeks I had – thanks to Anika who is incredibly fast and efficient – everything I needed to get settled. She was very patient, organized my appointments, and served as a translator when I had to see the authorities; she actually made those long waiting hours a fun experience. Socially, she introduced me to very interesting people and places... I found work immediately, although I didn’t speak any German. I felt at home really quickly, mainly because of Anika, who is a wonderful and patient person with great empathy and sparkling wit. Dankeschön!!!"

The Request

Eva came to live in Berlin in 2012 with nothing but a big smile and her giant suitcase. As the job situation in her home country Spain was really bad, she figured there was nothing to lose and hopped on the airplane.

The Idea

I found her a place to live in a shared flat, got her furniture, did all of her paperwork, helped her as an interpreter when dealing with the authorities, revised and translated her application documents, and helped her find a job. I also introduced Eva to Berlin’s nightlife.

The Solution

Five years later she’s still happy in Berlin and has made many new friends. She even found herself a German boyfriend. Eva started out working as a bartender and Spanish teacher. Today she’s a badass shift supervisor at a major refugee shelter.

This post is also available in español.

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