"I got in touch with Anika 4 years ago when I stayed at a hostel in Berlin desperately looking for a room in Berlin. I was a student starting his master at TU Berlin with little money and no German skills. Thanks to Anika I could find a super nice room in 24h where I stayed for more than 1 year. Today after 4 years I still live in Berlin and I work as engineer in a MNC. I speak German fluently and I am buying my own apartment."

The Request

Marco from Italy came to Berlin as part of his international MBA studies. He asked me to find him a furnished flat near his university, where her could stay for one year. He did not speak any German, but was quite proficient in English.

The Idea

I found a partially furnished flat and escorted him to the flat viewing, but I was then able to convince him that a shared flat would be the better option: A shared flat saves you money, you don’t have to buy so many new things, you have company, and it drastically improves your German skills if you’re forced to speak it on a daily basis.

The Solution

I interviewed him about his personality and habits. Then I organsised a meeting with a potentially matching roommate. They connected instantly and he moved into his new place the very same day. He later told me, he was glad that he followed my advice on trying a shared flat.

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